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Welcome to Taman Tumbina Bintulu

Taman Tumbina Bintulu is an integration of a botanical and zoological garden. The name TUMBINA originates from the Malay words TUMbuhan (meaning Plant) and BINAtang (animal).

Tumbina was created with a vision to be A Living Heritage Of The Flora & Fauna Of Borneo. The objectives are (i) Recreation, (ii) A Unique Tourism Product, (iii) Education, (iv) Conservation and (v) Research & Development.

Officially opened 2 August 1991, Tumbina provides a glimpse of the diverse flora and fauna of Borneo. It is a living heritage with both recreational and educational values for visitors from all walks of life.

Spreading over a hilly and undulating terrain of 57 hectares, Tumbina is strategically situated on a breathtaking site overlooking the South China Sea, Bintulu town centre and the Tanjong Kidurong Industrial Estate.

Being The First Of Its Kind In The Land Of The Hornbill, Tumbina is a unique attraction and a must-visit place whenever you are in Bintulu.

  Latest News

08/07/2014 - Happy 36th Ann. BDA !
Bintulu Development Authority is the developer & operator of
Taman Tumbina Bintulu.
Today is its 36th Anniversary.

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